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ABOUT Amanda

Amanda Haytaian is the creative force behind House of Cline Design. What started as just giving design advice to family and friends has grown and flourished into what is now House of Cline.

Amanda's journey to House of Cline is as unique as her. After receiving her Master's degree in counseling psychology and becoming a full-time mom, Amanda has brought all of those lessons to her design work with the philosophy of renovation with revolution. Rather than just "sprucing", Amanda believes in diving into a project and uncovering the heart of the people and experiences of that space. Amanda believes in approaching a project through the lens of appreciation, integrity, and a bit of creativity. The end result is a space that perfectly reflects the energy of her clients, with just a bit of Amanda flair. 

Her Approach

Functionality with sophistication should be at the heart of every design. Amanda believes that for her designs to be truly successful, they must be functional and sustainable for the client. It is important that the space works for the client while also adding a level of style and design. Amanda's goal is to dive into a client's project and leave it as a better version of itself.


Amanda Haytaian

Creative Director and Chief Designer 

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